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Diamond Bank mVisa which allows your pay safely for goods and services introduces a reward program which gives you a chance to win a smartphone when you use the technology.

The bank says individuals who use the innovative payment solution can get access to the following rewards: N1,000 airtime when you are one of the first 3,500 mVisa subscribers to perform two mVisa transactions in a week. Extra N1,000 airtime when you are one of the 1,000 mVisa subscribers to perform three mVisa transactions each week worth N10,000.

A chance to win a smartphones if you are one of mVisa users with the highest transaction counts for 6 weeks. Only a rare cluster of the population loves carrying cash around these days. It’s a lot of stress. That’s why the Diamond mVisa is a welcome development. The technology allows you pay for goods and services in an easy and secure way through your Diamond Mobile app. By scanning a merchant bar code, entering their code or scanning their saved image, you can pay make payments in a way that is hassle-free and enjoyable.

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