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Arrested by Love S1 E9

Lana adjusted on her seat and looked at Daria in anticipation. “Well, won’t you tell me about the dream or should a say a nightmare? Because any dream Red is into should be called a nightmare. So tell me about it” she said. “At first..” Daria began but her ears and mind couldn’t go off from the sound of the gunshot. “I saw Red crying, and asked him why but he didn’t say anything rather commanded me to leave him alone.

Secondly, i saw when he was about to be thrown into a fire then i began to cry in a loud voice” “Heey!” Lana shouted and clapped her hands in a way that says: WONDERS SHALL NEVER END. “You really had a nightmare” she added. “The first one isn’t a nightmare” Daria defended. “What do you mean? Wait oh, did i hear you say you cried for Red?” “Yes, because i felt like i know him very well as an innocent man” “How can a professional criminal be innocent? Just forget about it, it’s just a dream” Lana concluded.

Back to the new resident of Ebube, the soldiers moved backward as they shot him continuously. Mistakenly, some bullets touched his motorcycle but they were no scratch on it-the bike resist bullets too. Seeing that, Ebube became angry. “How dare u shoot at my baby?!” he asked looking at the motorcycle. With the anger, he bounced on a soldier and cut off his hand. Blood splashed. He handled another soldier, cut him deep on his thigh and moved forward to the chief commander who shouted with the mega-phone, “Retreat!” All the soldiers located their vehicles and began to jump into them even the one without a hand. But yet, they kept shooting at Ebube who grabbed the last soldier, put the sword on his throat and cut him to death. Blood splashed.

The soldiers started their vehicles and sped off. Seeing that, Ebube jumped on his power bike too. “Crooom crooom” he pursued them. Still inside the moving vehicles, the soldiers kept shooting at Ebube who ran closely behind them. Both the sound of the gunshots, vehicles and motorcycle became very close to Odem and other people at Mama wine’s shop. “What am i hearing?” Odem stood up. “They are coming back!!” one of them shouted and they all ran away. As Odem ran, his trouser fell off remaining only his local boxers which also was not stable on his waist trying to fall off too. “Red, please spare me oh! I’m not among them” he shouted lying flat on the ground face-down. He stayed that way pleading to nobody until the soldiers and Ebube passed. After which he stood up, pulled up he’s trouser and continued his race.

The sun began to set again, yet Ebube had not returned after he pursued the soldiers. At this time, the king’s heart boiled with anger and at the same time with fear. He moved to and fro in the presence of his elders with hands behind him. “What else shall we do to make sure this evil creature named Red leave our land!” he asked angrily. “Your highness, there is nothing we can possibly do since even the soldiers cannot capture or kill him” one of the elders replied. “Yes!” many elders chorused. “Your highness” elder Ben stood up. “I suggested we send some of our able men to the chief priest to make them become as immortal as Red so that they will be able to capture him” “Gbam!” few elders shouted hitting their staffs on the floor simultaneously.

"Your highness” elder Thomas stood up. “I suggest we beg Red to leave our land peacefully or better still allow him stay in peace because i don’t want any trouble..” before he could finish, other elders shouted at him to sit down. “I’m just saying” he concluded and sat down. “I think I’ll go with elder Ben’s suggested” the king spoke up. “Please, summon the chief priest to me” he added. ** 6:30pm Darkness began to take over the atmosphere.

Everybody were still on their normal businesses especially people like Austine and Mama wine. Odem told the story of his race that almost got him necked to any ear that was willing to listen. Just at that hour, Lana and Daria came out heading to get something from a nearly shop closed to that of Austine. When Austine saw them, he averted his eyes because he couldn’t look at Daria anymore in the eyes. To their surprise, Ebube arrived at that particular place with a gun he collected from one of the soldiers he pursued. Of course people should have flee but the gun prevented them. Ebube jumped down from his motorcycle. “Lie down!” he commanded Austine. Meanwhile, Daria and Lana shivered in fear at another corner.

They watched him entered the shop and came out with a bottle of champagne. He jumped back to his bike and saw Lana and Daria. “You, come here!” he pointed at them. Hearing that, they began to shed tears and Lana pushed Daria forward thinking she was the one being called. “No, i mean you” Ebube pointed at Lana then Daria ran back immediately. “Please, don’t kill me” Lana cried. Immediately she came closer, Ebube grabbed her onto the motorcycle and sped off.

TBC by Oct 18th 7am

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