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Arrested by Love S1 E8

How could Daria tell her mother that Ebube is her nightmare? She stood up without answering her mother and began to dry both her tears and sweat. “Won’t you tell me what your nightmare is?” the mother became more inquisitive. “Mother, is just a bad dream” Daria returned to the bed. “It’s not that serious. I’m fine” she added then the mother stared at her. “If you say so my daughter. Make sure you pray” she stood up and walked out. Daria couldn’t sleep again. Only one thing wandered in her mind; Ebube. The reason why she kept seeing him in her dream is what she cannot write home about. After a long thought, she laid down and closed her eyes in sleep.

THE NEXT DAY At Austine’s supermarket where he sat with his friends once again, prisca walked in. “Good day, Austine” she greeted standing very close to him. Roland and Henry kept staring at her with cigarette in their hands. “Welcome, prisca” Austine replied. “Can we talk privately?” Prisca didn’t like the presence of Roland and Henry. “Any problem?” Austine asked. “No” they entered into the shop. Few minutes later. Prisca came out with bags of provision in her hand and eventually went home. Then Austine went back to his seat expecting questions from his friends. “Guy, have you finally gotten her?” Roland broke the silence. “Gotten who?” Austine asked. “Prisca of course” “Sure” “Bad boy!” Roland shook hands with him while Henry stared at him thoughtfully. “What about Daria?” Roland asked. “She’s out of the game” Austine replied. “But why?” “Don’t you know that Prisca’s parents are far richer than Daria’s.

There will be a lot of benefits?” “Wait..” Henry interfered. “Is that why you left that girl, Daria? Austine you are a big fool!!” “Don’t mind him” Roland light up another cigarette. “It has even favoured me. Now, i can get back to Daria because she drives me crazy” he concluded. Just then, they heard the sound of vehicles-that were soldiers called by king Lucas to kill or capture Ebube. Everybody ran out even Daria and Lana to witness the horrible sound of the vehicles. Odem also ran out from Mama wine’s shop when the three vehicles of the soldiers passed with a speed thereby creating a dust. “Heey! War!” Odem exclaimed. “What are soldiers doing in our land?” Mama wine asked fearfully to the hearing of Odem. “Have you not heard that our king called them to capture Red?” “Heey!” Mama wine exclaimed. “This is going to be a big battle!” she added. “Chei..! The king has just touched the lion by the tail” Odem concluded. On the other hand, youths, both boys and girls picked up the topic.

All came out wondering what will happen at the new resident of Ebube. Lana and Daria were among them. “Where are the soldiers going to?” Daria asked Lana. “Probably to Red. I heard the king called them to kill or capture him” she replied. “Kill him?” “Yes, aren’t you suppose to be happy?” Lana asked but Daria kept quiet staring at Austine and his friends who were at another distant. Austine saw her too but averted his eyes. So when the eye contact lingered, Lana asked, “Daria, what’s happening” “Let’s go home” Daria replied and walked out briskly. “Daria!” Lana ran after her. ** The soldiers came down from their vehicles inside the very new compound of Ebube. One could see them in army uniform and heavy guns in their hands.

They surrounded the house at gun point ready to shoot. Two soldiers pushed the front door opened, each threw a tear gas inside the house and ran back immediately to their initial positions. “Red, we know you are in there, come out with your hands up!” the chief commander commanded with a mega-phone, then everywhere became quiet and calm. The smoke created by the tear gas saturated the internal building. They could even see some particles of it coming out from the front door. Suddenly, Ebube came out heroically through it in his black attire.

He had his sword ready in his hand without showing any sign of intoxication by the tear gas. “You came to my domain to fight me. Have you not heard of Red at all?” Ebube spoke out. “Surrender now or you die” the commander’s voice came from the mega-phone again. “Die? What are you gonna kill me with? Guns?” Ebube laughed and moved forward. “Fire!” the commander commanded and they began to shoot him… ** At the resident of Mr Alfred where Daria and Lana were sitting outside the house, Daria heard the gunshots, so she gasped and held her chest breathing heavily. “They are shooting Red” she said. “Yes, i guess so. I wish they arrest him or kill him” Lana replied then Daria looked at her without saying anything. “What’s strong with u? Won’t u be happy if they kill the criminal?” Lana asked. “I want to tell you something, Lana” Daria said as the sound of the gunshot continued. “What?” Lana asked again. “It’s up to two times i dreamt about Red” Daria replied. “
U dreamt about Red?!” Lana shouted then Daria nodded her head..

TBC  Oct 16th 9pm

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