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Arrested by Love S1 E7

Grasses flogged on Daria’s legs as she ran non-stop to their house. She pushed the door of her room open and locked it immediately then began to cry with hands on her chest. Her breathing rate changed simultaneously with the beat of her heart. “No, this can’t be happening. Austine can’t do this to me” she soliloquized in tears. * The government were doing their possible best to see that Ebube is arrested or shot dead because he had terrorized the locality seriously. However, in the land of Obioha, the king’s palace crowded with elders in red cap and staffs. All were murmuring about what Ebube has done to their king.

As the soliloquy lingered, the king walked in angrily then all stood up in greetings. “This is nonsense!” the king began without sitting on his throne. “That idiot knelt my wife, the queen of Obioha kingdom down and made me ride on a common motorcycle!” he added angrily. “Aru!” many elders chorused “This is too much!” one of them added. “As if that was not enough…” the king began again. “He made me, king Lucas Ikedi the third of Obioha kingdom walk home on barefoot!!” “Abomination!” the elders chorused again. “Something must be done about this!” elder Ben said aloud then elder Thomas looked at him in a way that says: COUNT ME OUT. “We must do something urgently” the king concluded and sat on his throne. * The sun set. Shadows of trees and human beings began to disappear.

The atmosphere was taken over by a gentle wind-breeze, yet, Daria had not come out from her room. Lana walked into their compound without seeing anybody but the parlour door was opened. “Daria!” she called and knocked at the door continuously before Daria opened and returned back to her bed sadly. “Oh my God! Daria, are you okay?” Lana sat with her on the bed. “You look.. hum.. you don’t look good” “I caught Austine kissing Prisca earlier today” Daria replied sadly with her eyes closed as she leaned her head and back on the wall. “God! I told you that Austine and Prisca were up to something” “What have i not done for Austine” Daria began to shed tears. “I gave him all i could” she added then Lana consoled her by drying her tears. “He doesn’t deserve your tears. Stop crying” “But i love him so much, Lana” Daria cried. “He doesn’t deserve your love too” “How can i get over this feelings?” “You can” Lana concluded.

The house given to Ebube was big and beautiful. It has a fence and black gate which Ebube left widely open twenty-four hours. One could see him entering a room in the house with a bag. He flung the bag on a bed then money pumped out from it. He slowly walked towards a big mirror staring at his image for a long time. The more he stare, the more tears dropped from his eyes through the mask. But he suddenly turned and brought out a paper written LUCAS IKEDI. He stared at it for a long time too and folded it then headed to the bathroom. * Still yet, Daria couldn’t bear it. She walked to Austine’s knowing very well the day was getting dark and met him outside his house. “Austine?” she stood from afar looking at him then Austine turned. “Hi, Daria.

Why are you standing far away from me?” “I don’t want to come closer” “Why?” Daria remained quiet while Austine walked to her. “You look worried, what’s it?” “Austine, i never knew you were deceiving me all this while” “What do you mean?” “You said you love me and i gave you my heart. But i saw and heard everything you told Prisca earlier today.

How could you do this to me?” her voice began to break again. Austine knew he had been caught red handedly so he robbed his head with his hand facing downward. “Daria, listen” he looked up. “I’m sorry to say this but it’s over between us” Hearing that, Daria began to shed tears. “No, Austine, tell me is a lie! I love you so much, don’t you get it?” she held his hands. “I’m sorry” Austine disengaged her hand and walked inside his house. : The day became not only bad for Daria but also rendered her heartbroken. She shed tears that night until she doze off on her bed. She couldn’t believe herself dreaming about Ebube for the second time. : DREAM Daria saw everywhere on fire and people with different type of weapon shouting victoriously.

Suddenly, she saw Ebube being carried to the fire. “No! Please, don’t kill him!” she cried bitterly and wanted to prevent them but Lana held her back. She watched as Ebube was thrown into the fire. “Nooo!” she shouted and stretched her hand forward then woke up in reality. : REALITY Daria’s voice attracted the parents to her room. They could see her sweating and breathing heavily on the bed. “Daria, what is it?” the father asked. “I had a nightmare” Daria replied. “It’s just a nightmare, go to sleep” the father walked out while the mother sat with Daria tryi
ng to hear her out as a mother. “What nightmare, my child?” she asked.

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