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Arrested By Love S1 E13

SAME EVENING Before Daria came out from the bush, Ebube had already left. She glanced at the paper once again, folded it and took on her heels. Grasses flung on her legs continuously as she kept running straight to their house. But she suddenly stopped, thought for a while and took another road that led to the new resident of Ebube.

On the other hand, Ebube just entered his house in a hurry and gently placed his sword on the center table then collapsed on the couch. One could see his chest moving up and down caused by an external respiration. Suddenly, he heard footsteps outside then grabbed his sword swiftly. He gradually moved towards the window where he open and saw Daria at the gate.

So he hurried outside angrily and stood at ease with the sword well positioned in his hand. When Daria saw him, she adjusted backward. “What are you doing here?!” Ebube shouted but Daria didn’t say anything rather began to move forward. “Not a step forward!” Ebube commanded before she stopped. “I guess this is yours” Daria showed him the paper. Seeing that, Ebube put back his sword on it’s shelf and moved forward heroically. His shoes were big as that of soldiers and his muscles as that of wrestlers. Without fear, Daria stood firmly waiting for him until he finally came closer to her. Ebube stretched his hand for her to hand over the paper to him and she handed it to him quietly.

After collecting it, he turned walking back into the house but suddenly stopped and said, “Leave” “Why do you need that name?” Daria approached forward. “I said leave” Ebube repeated. “You are hurt inside” Daria kept moving forward. “Don’t come close to me. I said leave me alone!!” Ebube shouted and brought out his sword then Daria ran away. With the same anger inside the house, Ebube began to break anything he saw in the sittingroom. “Nooo!” he shouted in a loud voice at the center of the sittingroom with his face up and hands stretched upward too. He gradually brought them down again breathing heavily, then tears began to drop from his eyes through the mask.

Meanwhile, at the king’s palace, his son who lives abroad had been calling to come back home but the father kept given him one excuse or the other. Just before king Lucas sat on his throne, a guard brought his phone saying, “Your highness, the prince is on the line” The king took the phone and said, “Hello, son” “Father, i have made up my mind to come back tomorrow. I’m tired of these funny excuses!” “Son, you have to listen to me, this kingdom is not yet stable for you” “Why?” the king kept quiet. “You see, you have no reason.

Father, what’s going on?!” “Just do as I’ve sa.. hello.. son?” the line had gone dead already then the king exhaled deeply. “My king” the wife walked in, in an expensive gown and a crown on her head. “What troubles you?” “Our son has insisted on coming back tomorrow” the king replied. “You should have told him to come back in the next three days since the seven men will come back in two days time to drive Red out from that house” “He wouldn’t listen” The queen exhaled deeply too. “What are we going to do now?” “Nothing” the king concluded. ** Darkness had totally took over the atmosphere when Daria reached home. She refused to disclose to anyone even her parents what she passed through that evening. She only wondered why Ebube had their king’s name with him. “There must be a reason for that. I guess he needs help and i must help him” she concluded in thought and slept of.

THE NEXT DAY Only a day remained for the seven men to return as expected by the people of Obioha. One could see Odem carrying a big bag on his head and a bottle of wine still under his armpit. When Lana who was heading to Daria’s saw him, she smiled and said, “The Wine, where are you going to?” “If you have the eyes of palm wine, you will see and know where I’m going to and why I’m going there” Odem replied staggering at a spot. “I know you are running away because of the battle between Red and the seven men tomorrow” “Now you are talking like a normal person like me” Odem began. “Better followed me otherwise, when rock will jam rock.. don’t say i didn’t tell you” “You can go, let me get my bag too” Lana walked out smiling. “I’m waiting for you oh! Anyways, if the battle starts now, we will be on Red’s side because i don’t want to die young and leave palm wine behind” Odem concluded.

Before Lana got to Daria’s house, Daria had secretly left to Ebube’s. When Roland and Henry saw her hurrying up on the road, they ran away then Daria wondered why. She didn’t even care to know why until she got to the resident of Ebube. She slowed down at the gate and adjusted her skirt up with a hand. She quietly entered and stood at the door leading to the sittingroom. Her fear increased, as well as her heartbeat. One could see her hand shaking as she raised it up and knocked at the door..

TBC Oct 19th 8am

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