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Arrested By Love S1 E12

THE NEXT DAY Seven men were chosen and sent to the chief priest. The news circled around the land of Obioha and people like Odem never stopped talking and lamenting on how dangerous the mission is.

He had a bottle under his armpit staggering out of Mama wine’s shop. “When the day will come, i will run away because the mission our king has embarked on with our seven youths is a dangerous one. That day will be like where a rock jam another rock, and when that happens, of course it will spark and create fire. By then i must have relocated to another land without leaving my palm wine behind.” Odem kept lamenting to nobody.

Tension took over the land because nobody knew what would be the result of the seven men and Red when they finally clash together. Daria remained quiet in front of their compound also thinking about the same think. She wore a black skirt and a pale blue top. At a distance were bleating goats but Daria paid no attention to them as she sat on the corridor.

She could see her dream becoming a reality. “They will finally kill Red” she began to think. “I know my people will burn such a person alive if they capture him. Why am i even so concern about this?” she concluded trying to forget about it but couldn’t. Suddenly, her mother came out seeing her lost in thought, so she stared at her for a moment. “Daria!” she called. “Yes, mother” Daria looked up at her. “What are you busy thinking about at this your age that you couldn’t even notice my presence?” “Nothing, mother” “No, i disagree” the mother sat beside her. “What troubles you?” “My dreams trouble me” Daria replied as an afterthought. “Dreams? You seem to dream a lot these days” “No, mother.

It’s about the nightmare i had the other day” the mother listened and stared at her to continue. “Mother, Red was the nightmare. I saw him being thrown into a fire” “Is that all?” the mother asked. “It’s a good dream not a nightmare” she added. “Mother, i cried for them not to kill him” Daria added looking at her mother in the eyes. “Chim oh!” the mother exclaimed. “You cried. Why? Somebody like Red should be thrown into something more than a fire” “No, Mother, i felt he was an innocent man in that dream and that feelings is still tormenting me till now” Daria began to shed tears to her mother’s surprise. She continued, “Initially, i dreamt when he was shedding tears..” “Daria!” the mother interrupted her. “What are you trying to say? And why are you crying?” “I don’t know, mother” Daria began to dry her tears instantly.

As the mother stared at her in amazement, she stood up and walked into her room. “What is wrong with this girl?” Mrs Alfred asked spreading her hands in the air. ** On the other hand, Ebube had no idea of what the people of Obioha had planned for him. He stood in front of a mirror staring at his image without his mask. In few seconds, he wore the mask and a helmet, carried his sword, took the paper written LUCAS IKEDI and walked to his bike. He jumped on it heroically. “Croom Crooom” he sped off. ** Night gradually began to take over. The people of Obioha remained calm as they waited for the arrival of the seven youth which excluded, Henry and Roland.

These two waited patiently by a lonely road smoking seriously. “Guy, are you sure this girl will come out today?” Henry asked. “Yes, she passes here each day to see her friend, Lana” Roland replied. Just then, they sighted Daria coming and hid themselves. Immediately she drew closer, they bounced on her in a way she fell on the floor screaming and flinging her legs vigorously. At the same time, Ebube was returning to his house. Hearing his motorcycle, the two boys carried Daria into the bush without being aware that Ebube had sighted them already from afar. However, Roland kept running into the heart of the bush with Daria on his shoulder and Henry behind him. He threw her on the ground in a way her skirt raised up.

One could her black pant and Roland on top of her trying to find his way into her vagina. Even Henry was getting ready for his turn. Just then, Ebube arrived, grabbed Henry on the neck and threw him away. He also grabbed Roland up, gave him a slap and threw him off. Nobody told them to run as fast as their legs can carry them. Then Ebube looked at Daria who was still on the floor and said, “Are you okay?” Daria nodded her head positively as she stood up in a hurry then Ebube turned to leave.

“Thank you?” Daria said, so Ebube stopped without turning back and continue walking. “Who are you?” Daria asked then he stopped again. “Red” Ebube replied still turning his back on her. “I mean your real name” Daria said then Ebube began to walk again. “I know you’re a good person!” she added and he stopped for the forth time. “You know nothing about me. Go home” Ebube concluded and briskly walked out. Daria saw the paper written LUCAS IKEDI on her way out from the bush then she picked it up..

: TBC Oct 18 11pm

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