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Arrested By Love S1 E10

Instantly, Daria ran to Mr Joseph, Lana’s father and delivered the capturing of his daughter by Ebube. With the same fear, the father ran to the king. Due to the darkness that was taking over the weather, he carried a touch light with him. He knocked at the palace gate and the gate man opened. “Igwe! Igwe!” he kept shouted until he entered and stood before the throne. “Mr Joseph, what troubles you?” the king asked. “My king, the unbelievable has happened!” “Speak! What is it?!” the king climbed down from his throne. “Red has done the unbelievable!” “Red again?!” “He has captured my daughter to his house!” “But why?” “I don’t know igwe, that’s why I’m hear.

Please, help me, i don’t want anything to happen to my only daughter. You know her mother is no more and i can’t afford to lose her too” King Lucas exhaled deeply staring at the ceiling. “Mr Joseph” he called and brought down his head. “Go home, your daughter will be okay” he added. “Are you sure my king?” “Yes, if she doesn’t return tonight, I’ll go there myself to bring her” “Thank you my king” Mr Joseph left.

Daria totally became woozy when she got home. She walked up and down the sittingroom until the father came in. “Daria, why are you restless? I hope you have been hearing about the battle going on in this land. Make sure you remain indoors and flee whenever you hear the name, Red. Don’t say i didn’t warn you” the father said and wanted to walk inside but Daria stopped her rubbing her hands piteously. “Father, please, help my friend, Lana. She has just been captured by Red” “When?” the father became surprise. “This evening” “But why?” “Father, i don’t know” “This is serious. Let me see her father first” Mr Alfred moved out again.

Darkness had totally took over the atmosphere. Ebube arrived at his house with Lana. He came down from the motorcycle with his hand on Lana’s neck then began to drag her inside the house. After they entered, he pushed her forward and locked the door. Immediately, Lana went on her knees in tears. “Please, don’t touch me, i beg you in the name of God” Ebebu ignored her moving towards the television-stand and brought out a stop-watch. Lana watched him as he came back, positioned the watch before her and said, “You have fifteen minutes. Get your butt inside the kitchen, prepare something for me. If you bring out the food after fifteen minutes, you won’t go home with your head.

Your time starts now” Ebube started the stop-watch while Lana ran into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen was like a new world to Lana. All the chest of drawers were opened and closed at the same time by her. She didn’t know where to start until she put an empty pot on a gas cooker. “Matches, matches, matches” she kept murmuring looking for it. She was over confused that her name became Confusion itself. However, Ebube relaxed in the sittingroom with his Legs on the centre tabled. Beside him was his sword and a gun. And before him was the stop-watch ticking continuously. In the next seven minutes, Lana carried a plate of food out and placed it on the table. Ebube could see her hands vibrating as she place it and stared at him squeezing her hands in fear. The mask on his face got Lana more scared.

“Seven minutes, what food is prepared in less than seven minutes?” Ebube asked but Lana kept quiet. “Open it!” he commanded yet Lana didn’t make a move rather began to cry. “I said open it!” Ebube picked up his sword angrily then nobody told her to open the food by force. “What?!” Ebube shouted when he saw the food. “I told you to prepare a food and you prepared noodles for me” “Please, forgive me” Lana went on her knees. “That’s the only thing i could prepare to save time” she added. Ebube stared at her for a moment then sat down again. “You may go” his voice became calm. “Ehn..” “I said go home” “Thank you” Lana rushed the door. “Stop!” Ebube interrupted her then she turned. “Who was the girl with you?” “You mean Daria?” Lana asked fearfully. “Is that her name?” Ebube threw back the question then Lana nodded her head positively still shaking in fear. “Out!” Ebube concluded then Lana ran out into the darkness. She screamed at the gate when she saw the corpse of the killed soldier.

As Mr Alfred wanted to leave the resident of Mr Joseph, Lana ran in breathing heavily. “My daughter!” Mr Joseph hugged her. “Are you okay? What has that demon done to you?” “I’m fine, father” Lana replied. “Thank God you are, let me go and tell Daria your friend that you are back” Mr Alfred went out. : When Daria came that same night, Lana told her all that happened but forgot to mention that Ebube asked about her. “I think Red has a good heart” Daria said. “How do you know?” Lana asked. “You should know from what he just did with you” “Partially, but i don’t trust him” both became quiet. “He asked about you?” Lana ad
ded. “Who?” Daria became curious. “Red of course” Lana replied. : TBC

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