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ARRESTED BY LOVE (The best of Daria) Season 1 Episode 6

The sound of the motorcycle came loud and clear into Daria’s ears thereby stimulating her sympathetic nervous system: increase of heartbeat and fear. So she laid flat on the bed and covered herself with a blanket but that didn’t prevent her from hearing the sound of the motorcycle. ** Still at that late hour of the night, king Lucas couldn’t sleep. He walked around his room with his hands behind him. He wore a long pyjamas which made his big stomach obvious. Just then, his wife, the qween woke up to see him in such mood. “My king” she began.

“What’s troubling you? Is it still about Red’s request?” “Yes” the king replied gazing at the ceiling. “I have decided to give him the storey building built by our son who is in abroad” he added. “You don’t mean it?!” the wife exclaimed in anger. “Our son just completed the building for a hope of coming back to Nigeria and you want to give it to.. to.. Red or whatever he called himself” “It seems like you don’t know what this man is capable of doing!” the husband barked angrily looking at his wife. “Then what will you tell our son if he comes back to live in his house?” the wife asked. King Lucas didn’t reply immediately. He averted his eyes back to the ceiling and groaned bitter after which he exhaled heavily. “Time shall tell what will happen or what i will tell my son. But i know one thing; Red must be arrested, killed or driven out from this land. I will make sure of that” he concluded and went back to bed.

** THE NEXT DAY The first visitor king Lucas had was Red who stopped in front of his gate. He didn’t need to activate the horn of his motorcycle before the gateman opened the gate for him because the sound of the motorcycle substituted the horn. He drove in. Meanwhile, the king, his wife, elder Thomas and Ben were already standing in front of the house waiting for him when they heard his motorcycle. When Ebube jumped down from the motorcycle, elder Thomas adjusted backward. “I hope my message was delivered” Ebube spoke out. They didn’t see his mouth but they heard him. “Yes, it was” the king replied.

“Then where is the house?” “Elder Thomas and Ben will take you there” “No, you take me there” Ebube insisted. “Okay, let me use my car” the king walked towards one of his cars. “No, you ride with me on my baby” Ebube referred to his motorcycle. “Abomination!” the queen exclaimed. “My husband won’t ride on that motorcycle” she added. Without waiting time, Ebube brought out his sword moving briskly towards them. “Heeey! Red has come again oh” elder Thomas shouted as he ran inside the house with elder Ben.

Ebube dragged the king on his ear and looked at the queen who was shivering in fear. “I’ll forgive you because you probably do not know who Red is. But go on your knees” he told the queen who did as he said immediately. Then Ebube dragged the king to his motorcycle. “Croom croom” he sped off with him. After that, the two elders came out and saw the queen on her knees. “Aru!” elder Ben shouted. “Abomination!” elder Thomas added. ** With a high speed, Ebube passed Odem on the road for the second time.

He didn’t fall but staggered by the nearest bush. “Gods of palm wine!” he shouted. “Is that not our king on Red’s motorcycle?” he asked. “That’s what I’m seeing!” a young youth approached closer with his hands on his head surprisingly. “Abomination!” Odem exclaimed. “Is like our King has been kidnapped by Red” “Kidnapping is under statement. Our king has been killed already by Red!” “The Wine, let’s go and save him” the youth suggested then Odem disdained him. “Alright, go, I’m behind you. Let me get my weapon from Mama wine. Idiot!” he staggered out. ** One could see Austine dressing his resident when Prisca arrived.

She wore black leggings trouser and a white top. Her black beauty glows like diamond in the sky “Hey, Prisca” Austine smiled. “Good day, Austine” Prisca sat down. “You called me” “Yes, what can i offer you?” “Anything” Austine offered Prisca a drink which he also partook on it. After they had drank and chatted, he looked straight into her eyes and said, “I love you” Without Prisca saying anything, he brought his head closer to kiss her but Prisca stood up instantly. “What’s it?” Austine stood up too. “What about Daria?” Prisca asked. “I never loved her” Austine replied. Just then, Daria came unnoticed.

She stood at the door which was only covered with a cotton watching and listening to them. “You are lying to me” Prisca objected. “No, I’m telling you the truth” Austine held her round the waist. “Please, accept to be my girlfriend and forget about Daria. I love you” he brought his head closer again to kiss her. Prisca reciprocated but they were distracted by Daria’s sniffing voice and running footsteps. “Who was that?” Prisca asked. “Nobody” Austine replied. “But you
heard the footsteps” “Maybe it was one of these children” Austine went back to kiss her…

 : TBC by oct 15 10pm

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