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7 Signs That You've bought Akara With Your School Fees

b>7 Signs That You've bought Akara With Your School Fees Today we have thousands/millions of students across the nation but many of them have nothing to show for it, all they know is that they're in school and that's enough for them.

NOTE:This is not about who first enter school cause no be by how far but how well For those seeking admission, When God says its your time, it will definitely be, So let's continue...

1, They can't properly express themselves As a student, one should be able to properly express his or herself when called upon both..written or oral,they shld at least be able to do so in at least 300 words Meanwhile those that have bought akara with their school fees,when called upon to express themselves concerning an issue or a topic,they cant weather its to express it written or orally, they just cant. They start looking at their classmates or friends for help and stand there like a planted cassava. So those of you in this category or you know anyone in this section, biko show them the light. 

2.Giving their school fees to their lover. Hehehehe the Romeo(S) and the Juliet(S)..them put their "lust" before their education, they will give out their school fees and allowance to their lover all in the name of love while they are in lust..if you ask them they'll attack you its none of your business just because you're trying to show them the light and if anyone ask them,"are you a student?" they'll shine teeth and reply,"yes". These set of people have also used their school fees to invest in akara Note: Never ever give out your school fees, you can help out with your personal money BUT not your fees..Be wise.

3.Absent minded They are physically present in class but their soul and mind is somewhere else ..maybe on food or a tv series or daydreaming about the impossible,e.g getting married to Beyonce (better wake up from your daydream) Also we have the absent minded type that they'll be looking at you in a focused manner but yet absent. They are always like that in class...Please if you know any,tell them to go and collect their change from the akara seller.

4.No Future Ambition (NFA) We have them too in the classroom, all they know is attend classes,i am going to school mindset but when you ask them their future plans ..they will be telling you "make money, make money".Okay fine when you ask them "how" and their plans so far to get the money,they will be telling you they have no idea but the money must the money will fall from the sky. school is just an institute to guide you into becoming a literate adult and how to choose to spend your life after it is up to the individual and being a literate you should also have a plan B in whatever you choose to build your future on Those that have invested their money in akara should better wake up and plan their future.

5.The "follow follow" gangs and wannabe They don't even know their purpose of coming to school,they just see it as a platform to leave the house and of cause to follow friends up and down they are are charmed They are easily influenced and controlled by their friends cause they lack focus and they just think of how to "slay" and be feeling themselves while eating the akara they've bought with their fees Please stop doing follow follow oh cause most of them you're following they already have their future mapped and figured out with with plan B-M Stop purchasing Akara with your fees 

6.The Bullies They just love to bully their peers especially the weaker ones, they come to school and all they seek and focus on is power,to be feared and pick on weaker people.When they are asked questions in class they will be looking like they just saw a ghost.They are shareholders in Akara inc and they are very common in boarding schools, only the Lord can rebuke their shares.
If you are a bully,better post it and focus on making your life a better one.

7.The sleepers They can sleep for Africa like they are under some sort of spell.You will always find them asleep while a class is in session. Every time sleep, school sleep,church sleep,house sleep, even at parties they'll be thinking of somewhere they can lie down to sleep They sleep 70% of their stay on earth ..They have sowed a seed in akara with their school fees. please pray for them if you know one. 

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