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7 Hotcake Jobs That will be in demand by 2020

Disrupting technologies, change in climate, cybernetics, natural resource restrictions, renewable energy, the distributive economy, big data and level of the aging populations: these are some of the opportunities that are shaping the way people find a job and also picking up careers.

If you’re just about to start your career journey, it means that thrilling prospects are abundant across a host of evolving industries, with high connectivity and the human trace expected to be an enormous part of the future
career mix.Here’s what specialists foresee the workplace is going to look like in 2020

1. High demand for Cyber Security Specialist Due to a high cost of cyber-attacks projected to go beyond $1 billion a year in a continent like Australia alone, internet security specialists are in high demand globally. For the past five years, firms in search for intelligence and policy experts has grown by 21.4%.

This demand goes beyond supply across a wide-range of industries such as technology, show business, communications, finance, and accounting. This implies that a cyber-security qualification opens the door for a lot of career opportunities that can be interesting and rewarding.With the geometrical increase in technology, pervasive medical implants, automated vehicle controls, and smart buildings – the prospects for figuring out an exciting career in this field are enormous.

A handful of advanced computer institutions such as Aptech and NIIT are already prepared to train the students on becoming cybersecurity specialist. Macquarie University in Overseas, for instance, recently launched their multi- million Cyber Security Hub, provided for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In order for them to have the well-rounded knowledge required to produce an effective cybersecurity atmosphere for private, commercial, and industrial applications. Meanwhile, there will be high demand for ICT experts and this will increase by up to 26.5% by 2020. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain a bachelor’s in Information Technology or master’s in Information Technology.

2. High demand for Mathematicians The demand for Mathematician, Physicists, Economist, Statistician, accounting and finance professionals is increasing daily. Right now it has increased by 44% and will increase by 22% in the year 2020.

The demand by studying or Master’s in Accounting. Meanwhile, demand for actuaries, mathematicians and statisticians will increase by virtually 10% by 2020. One should get the qualitative and quantitative and skills needed to speak the business language with Bachelor in Mathematics or Science, or Masters in Accounting or any other related fields. See Also: 15 hot cake courses to study in Nigeria

3. High demand for Health Professionals The Ageing population is increasing and because of their fragile health. They will need medics to come to their aids. Up to 40% health professionals will be required by 2020. For one to join this industry, he or she must have a Bachelor in either of the following courses – Anatomy, Pharmacy, Physiology, Medicine and Surgery, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Science and Clinical Science.21.5% extra medical scientists will be required by 2020.

4. High Demand for Artistic, Media and Advertising professionals We are in an era where the present rave of the moment is going digital. Since the invention of social media, it has made digital marketing become stress-free. 15% additional advertising and marketing specialists will be required by 2020. Someone can begin by studying for a bachelor’s degree in Arts or Media, or a master’s in Commerce, specializing in digital marketing. 16% extra performing arts experts will be wanted by 2020. Study for a Masters in Creative Industries or Communication Art and create a sparkling career.

5. High demand for Engineers The level of technology era is evolving. Some years ago, who would have thought that 22% more telecommunications specialists will be needed by 2020, that Software engineers will become a hot cake and the rest of them all. A way to go with the flow is to start a better future by studying Engineering at bachelor’s (honors) or Master’s level.

6. High demand for Lawyers We can’t live in a world where there will peace throughout. The place we dwell in is a crazy world with so many adversities. 17.6% more legal representative will be needed by 2020. Make your case for an exciting future by studying law at bachelor’s or master’s level. 7. High Demand for all education professionals This will continue to grow more than any other professions by 2020. Demand for early childhood specialists will rise by 27%, and special education educators 21%.

Change a child’s future by obtaining a bachelor’s in Education or master’s in Early Childhood. What’s does the future holds? Students should have a huge range of great experiences that widen their thinking and exposed their minds to new individuals and ideas, but they don’t just send our students off into the unknown. They should have other skills and other professional certifications to reposition them for better things ahead. In addition to this, they should enroll in an internship program either is it a paying one or voluntary one to acquire more and also try to check the latest career trends on the internet.

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